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Commando Raid box

Commando Raid is a game where the player controls a gun at the bottom center of the screen that fires upwards at "enemy android commando raiders".

The majority of the raiders consists of helicopters that drop down commando paratroopers. The player has two buildings on each side of their gun (making four total) that they must protect from the paratroopers. Each time a paratrooper lands on a building it will cause damage; once a fourth paratrooper lands on a same building, they will start tunneling underneath that building’s surface. With each additional paratrooper that lands on the building site, the tunnel will continue to grow, and if they tunnel far enough they will destroy the player’s gun with a bomb, ending the game.

Occasionally during a wave a bomber will also fly overhead and drop a bomb. If the bomb hits the ground without being shot that will also end the game. A building gets totally repaired with every 10,000 points scored, however.

Commando Raid has eight different play levels, which are distinguished by paratroopers’ color changing with each new level.

The game was developed by Vidtec and was released for the Atari 2600 by U. S. Games.


Players can choose from the following options:

  • Steerable or straight missiles
  • Automatic or manual firing
  • Bombers can be removed from game