Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an infamous video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Based upon the acclaimed novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this side-scroller allows the player to play as the pacifistic Dr. Jekyll who must reach a friend's wedding before the danger of London transforms him into the deathly Mr. Hyde.


The game is divided into two sections: Jekyll portions and Hyde portions. The default is Dr. Jekyll's, as a reference to the doctor's status as the original personality. Jekyll can run, jump, and has a cane attack that is uneffective when dealing with enemies. Upon the depletion of Jekyll's health meter, he transforms into the monstrous Mr. Hyde, who is forced to move backwards and has a wild projectile attack to fight off the strange creatures he encounters. Hyde needs to defeat several of these enemies to revert to Jekyll, or die by returning to where Jekyll began the game.


  • Robert Louis Stevenson had no hand in the development of this game.