Punch-Out! is a single-player game based around boxing. The game is available for the arcade, NES, and the Wii Virtual Console


The controls are simple you can punch dodge and block. Hit the up button to punch and depending on how hard you punch depends on the attack. A quick attack is a quick jolt of the up key, a normal tap is a punch, and holding down the key is an upper cut.


  • Little Mac: The player character, a famously short boxer from America. Mac can dodge, block, and jab at opponents like any boxer, but can also use "star punches" to gain an upper hand.
  • Doc Louis: A retired boxer who acts as Mac's mentor. He offers advice to his protégé in-between rounds.
  • Glass Joe: The first opponent in the Minor Circuit, a French boxer with ninety-nine losses and one win
  • Von Kaiser: A German boxer in the Minor Circuit with twenty-three wins and thirteen losses.
  • Piston Honda: The final opponent in the Minor Circuit, and the first in the World Circuit, raised in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Don Flamenco: A romantic boxer from Spain, who telegraphs his attacks by clapping his hands, acts asthe first boxer of the Major Circuit, and the fourth in the World Circuit
  • King Hippo: The only fighter from a fictional nation, Hippo Island, who's corpulence protects him from all injury except one spot on his stomach. He is the second opponent in the Major Circuit.
  • Great Tiger: The second-to-last threat in the Major Circuit, Great Tiger is an Indian boxer who uses some type of supernatural abilities to teleport around the ring in quick succession to disorient Little Mac.
  • Bald Bull: The Major Circuit Champion, an Iranian boxer who's signature move can KO Mac in one hit, but leaves himself open to a counterattack. He returns in the third match of the World Circuit.
  • Soda Popinski: Originally known as "Vodka Drunkinski," Popinski uses soda to strengthen give him an edge in the second World Circuit match.
  • Mr. Sandman: The penultimate boss of the game, hailing from Brooklyn, Mr. Sandman uses his "Dreamland Express" move to swiftly knock-out challengers.
  • Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream: The final boss, real-life boxer Mike Tyson acts as the World Circuit champions in the first release of the game, but later editions couldn't use him for legal reasons, and replaced him with an original character, Mr. Dream.