These are the rules for the site itself. For chat rules, go here.

  • Absolute rule #1 is: NO SPAM PAGES/OFF TOPIC PAGES. The excuse "It's for someone else!" doesn't apply. Only Retro Games are allowed on this Wikia, you will get a 1 day ban the first time, 1 week ban the second time, then the third time a perm ban. If you post a page about a non-retro game, you will be let off with 1 warning. No more. Retro games, in this case, is from the year 2001 and under.
  • NO TROLLING Come on, guys! No editing pages without permission or you will get an instant 5-day ban. The second time a perm ban. If someone messes with your page and you don't like it, please send a message to Subject M Test 2.
  • DO NOT FUCK WITH AN ADMIN If you do this (i.e. saying bad stuff about an admin, messing about on their talk, etc.) you will get an immidiate ban, with a ban of at least 3 days up to a perm ban. No warnings what-so-ever.
  • ALWAYS UPDATE ARTICLE LISTING WHEN POSTING A PAGE If you post a page on this Wikia, how will everyone see it? Well, got to Article Listing page under Wiki Content. Put your page in alphabetical order so people can find it easier. NOTE: If it begins with A/The, then don't count it in. (i.e. A Cool List would be Cool List, A and would go in C) Failure to do so will turn up with a 1-day ban.
  • IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU NOT TO DO SOMETHING, STOP NOW!!! If someone's having serious problems with what you're doing, stop it or you will get a 3-days to 1-week ban. If someone's doing this to you, and you want them banned (give proof!) contact an Admin.

That's all. We try to keep the least ammount of rules possible so it's more free, but still have some so it's not total chaos and still fun. Later, guys! Mr. DarkMy talkpage

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