• NO SPAMMING LETTERS We want chat to be readable, so no spamming or a kick then a ban.
  • NO SPAMMING EMOTICONS Emoticons can be fun, but not if used execcively. Only 3 emoticons per post, and don't constantly spam them or a kick then a ban. No testing emotes either, or you will get warned, then kicked, then banned. If you want to know the emotes, see the emotes here .
  • DON'T FUCK WITH CHAT MODS/ADMINS They can kick and ban you, so it's very wise to STFU when they tell you to. Don't be intimidated though, we try to keep chat a friendly place.
  • MEMES: ONLY ALLOWED TO A LIMIT I love memes. I really do. But don't be annoying about it. Also, we have some meme emoticons for you too.
  • PM HAS RULES TOO PM is private, so if someone is annoying you in PM, tell a mod or admin and they'll do something about it. Also, be sure to click on Block PM for that user.
  • NO MESSING WITH AFK We have AFK, but it's not to make your name dance about in chat. You will get warned then kicked, and maybe even a few hours ban.
  • NO USE OF CERTAIN SEXUAL PHRASES/LINKS Ever heard of clopping, yiffing, furrys or something like that? None of that in chat or a 2-hour ban. We aren't banning MLP though, however we aren't bronys, so try to keep it at a minimum. As for porn, NSFW, you can't post those. If it's a page that's on this wiki that is NSFW, then be sure to leave the warning for it first or a 1-hour ban.
  • NO ADVERTISING This is an independant wiki made by 1 guy (Myuutsu) with a bit of a hate for advertisements. This means no advertising other wikia's, unless you have permission, or an instant ban. Also, no advertising anything else without permission or another ban.
  • NO RP ACCOUNTS RP can be fun, but if someone tells you to stop it, FUCKING STOP RIGHT THERE, JOSÉ! And no RP accounts pretending to be the 'true' makers of this wikia for example, or you will get a perm ban.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: IF SOMETHING ISN'T IN THE RULES, IT GOES No whining about something that isn't in these rules. You could get banned yourself. It's annoying, because say someone brings up a topic about, say, Pokémon, and you say they should be banned, it isn't in the rules and you're just trolling. End of.

That's all. If there's anything you don't understand/would like to discuss about these rules, leave me a message on my talk page. Mr. DarkMr. Dark